Recapify Update: The March to 5K Users

kids marchingAs we head to the weekend, we wanted to take a few minutes to provide a company update.

In about 9 Months we have gotten about 5K downloads with very little marketing or selling efforts. We are happy and thankful for the users that have spread the word.

We will be launching an “Ambassador” program in the next week to reward our loyal users for referrals and spreading the word. We are super excited and grateful.

Our integration and feedback has been excellent. We run into permission errors here and there, but it has been great otherwise. Check it out HERE. For a more detailed connection walk-thru go HERE.

We have made a number “Top Lists” and best lists. Those lists are excellent drivers of traffic. Thanks Y’all.

We have been a bit slower in our release cycle than we might like, but we have a lot more coming.

This is a big shout-out to our customers and those spreading the word.





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