Saving Time and Increasing Sales Pipeline with Recapify [Case Study]


Founded in 2012 with the mission to eliminate the frustrations and points of friction that have plagued its industry for decades, Silvercar is paving the way for the future of car rental. The company’s seamless car rental business–exclusively offering fully loaded silver Audi A4s–eliminates lines, counters, paperwork and hassles through the power of an easy-to-use mobile app and friendly Concierge service.  The company’s app puts you in the driver’s seat, managing your entire experience from reservation to return; it even unlocks the car for you!

As a start-up within a start-up, time is at a premium for Silvercar, and the company has struggled to find a way to grow its existing sales force while maximizing the effective reach of its sales team. Scale was a huge part of the company’s business strategy, and they needed to find a sales tool that would allow them to reach their goals.  Good, effective communication between co-workers, teams, management and board members was an issue.  They tried to maintain and leverage their Salesforce CRM, but found they were instead using emails to provide updates.  Because of that, they found themselves telling the same stories over and over again, from one sales activity to the next, and to multiple people, groups and teams both internal and external.

During a normal sales day, Silvercar sales reps encountered at least three common points of frustration.

  • It took too much time to complete documentation
  • It was difficult to keep the team communicating with the same terminology, and
  • Salesforce updates were difficult to complete with so many meetings happening every day.

For the Silvercar sales team, the answer was Recapify.


The Recapify mobiles sales app helps sales reps like those at Silvercar:

  • Spend Less Time Doing Data Entry
  • Execute More Efficiently after Meetings
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Progress Deals Quicker
  • Have Rich Personal History of Meeting Results
  • Have Happier Bosses

“When we completed a sales process and found that we could incorporate the entire process into Recapify and complete meeting notes, action items and next steps within 2 minutes, it allowed us to effectively engage with more clients every day,” — Cuyler Owens, Sr Director of Mobility at Silvercar.

Silvercar said they evaluated other solutions but selected Recapify because it provided them with:

  • An easy-to-use interface with no learning curve
  • Simple integration with, Slack, Chatter, Evernote and other communication tools
  • Quick, consistent reporting to team members, management and board members

After introducing Recapify into their normal sales process, Silvercar noticed key improvements such as:

  • A 7X Increase in pipeline growth
  • Saved at least 15 minutes per meeting
  • Saved an aggregate of 2-3 hours of time per week in the field

“We whiteboard a lot and visit retail automotive locations that have unique parking and dealership configurations.  Being able to add images really brings trip reports to life.” — Owens

Read the case study to learn more about the Silvercar success story.


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