5 Ways Recapify Makes Me A Better Rep

The Recapify folks asked me to put down some thoughts on why I use Recapify and how it makes me a better Rep. It is a good product, they are good folks. So here it goes.

I am a Software Rep selling into Enterprise and Mid Sized companies. I do about 5-10 customer meetings per week. I have to update Salesforce.com, my manager, sometimes my manager’s manager or higher, my sales team (i.e. SE, PS, etc…).

1.) It Saves Me from Administrative Work. How? At the end of a client meeting I take about 2-3 minutes and do a meeting Recap. It automatically updates Salesforce.com, chatter, and it sends an update to my team. This can save me 30 minutes or more per meeting. Ok. I will take that.

2.) It makes me look awesome to my team. I was the first on the team to use Recapify. My extended team would get the updates and think I was a Sales Beast. I updated folks and Salesforce like a BOSS.

3.) It keeps my boss off my back regarding Salesforce.com updates. In fact, I am the best on my Team.

4.) It lets me easily download Meeting Attendee contact information to my iPhone. I don’t think they were expecting that one. But it is true.

5.) I do like the Evernote Integration. It helps me keep a personal copy of my meeting results and I can scrub them later.

Oh and one for the road… It costs $11. Um… That is a steal guys!!


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