BFF Alert: Recapify Launches Evernote Integration



We at Recapify are pretty pumped. Today we launched our our Evernote Connector for Recapify.

What is that? And What Value does it have for me?

First, Recapify is  Mobile Collaboration App that Allows Users to Elegantly Capture, Share, Save & Measure High Value Meeting Results in Two Minutes or Less.

Second, Recapify makes these meetings results immediately available via Text, Email and more. They are also published directly to, Slack and other systems.

Well now, you can send your meeting notes, attendees and actions to Evernote, where you can share, edit or store them. This has been a big request by our users. We are happy to deliver.

So the goal is in less then 2 minutes after a meeting, you can (1) capture meeting results, attendees, notes and actions, (2) update & Slack, (3) Text their teammates the action items and (4) Update Evernote for later referencing.

Download Now


See the Video below for a Demo:

Recapify: How to Use Recapify Demo: 3 Minutes

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