Sales Rep Productivity in the Age of Sales Productivity



Check out these three bullet points regarding the state of Modern CRM and Sales Productivity.

  • Reps spend up to 8+ Hours/week Doing CRM Data Entry & Meeting Follow Up
  • Reps only manage to complete 40% of sales updates
  • 70% of Companies NOT Confident  in CRM data

Click Here for a great blog post from Hubspot on these topics. 

So Sales Reps are spending almost a full day each week doing Administrative activities. Yet, management thinks they only did 40% of their sales updates. Now, 70% percent of companies are not confident in their CRM data. Hmmm….

Companies want Sales Rep to Enter better Data about their Sales Activities. Sales Reps want to do less. This is Frustrating for both Managers and Reps.

This is the frustration in which Recapify was born.

Recapify Turns Sales Teams into Finely-Tuned Communication, Accountability & Teamwork Machines while reducing Administrative and Data Entry Burdens.

Download Now

Recapify will Elegantly post meeting results  to (Contact, Opportunities and Accounts), Slack, Evernote and more at the tap of your finger!



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