Harvard Business Review: When Client Meetings #FAIL to Matter


Thanks To The Harvard Business Review For their Daily Tip via their Email News letter today. The Tip was about making meetings matter. The actual E-Book is here, and it is inspiring!

We feel very strongly about the nuanced point that their E-Book stresses.Here it is:

It’s easy to think that your work is done when you walk out of a meeting. But the decisions made in the room will only be effective if you carefully follow up.

Even the best run meetings fail if results are not captured, shared and stored in a timely manner. In fact we feel so strongly at Recapify that we launched an App around this notion. Recapify helps Sales Reps & Teams quickly Capture, Share and Store client meeting results FAST (2 minutes or less). “The Recapify Story” 30 Second Video is HERE.


The E-Book Continues with an excellent but nuanced point:

Start by writing a succinct summary note, describing what was discussed and clear action steps. Attach any notes from the meeting. Draft this in a way that allows others to forward your message to anyone who missed the meeting or who cares about what occurred.

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Seems obvious, right? But the nuanced point here is “Draft this in a way that Allows Others to Forward forward your message …” Meeting results must be effectively communicated. In the Sales world this means, Reps must update their teams (e.g. Boss, Technical partner, Business partner, etc…) and their systems (Salesforce.com, Slack, SugarCRM, Hubspot, etc…). This is a time consuming and sometimes painful process.

At Recapify we try to take this painful obstacle away from Sales Teams. Check out the 45 Second video below:  .

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