The Top 6 Features of Recapify


The Mantra here at Recapify is Two Minutes to Recap Saves you 30 – 60 Minutes of Data Entry, conference calls, emails and CRM Updating. To do this we have loaded our product with features to make this possible. This post discusses the key basic features.

The Recapify Basics 45 Seconds HERE 

How to Use Recapify Demo: 3 Minutes HERE 

Voice to Text (V2T)

V2T is Awesome and getting better. We at Recapify are huge users of Voice to Text. Why? It saves time and frees you from your smart phone keyboard. It is a bit hard to find in Recapify, but USE IT ASAP! It will make your experience much better. Look for more integrations with SIRI coming shortly!



The Awesome PDF Document You Can Share

It is one thing to simply collect meeting notes and actions. It is another to be able to communicate them quickly and effectively. Recapify makes it easy to collect your notes, but just as importantly we create a beautiful PDF Recap document that you can share with your teams.


Adding Photos for Better Communication, Memory & Customer Service

It is often no longer sufficient to just remember things or take notes. Often there are great slides, whiteboard discussions that you want to recall or share. Adding photos will enable you to communicate your ideas much more effectively. It will also increase you ability to recall key points.


Open With …

Recapify has an awesome integration with We also have a great integration with Evernote. We are targeting integrations with many other applications such as Slack, Dropbox, Hubspot and many more. That said we have clients that integrate may products (i.e. Slack, Microsoft CRM, Oracle CRM, etc…) seamlessly today. 


Snippets and Hashtags

Ok. Snippets are pretty useful. Recall the goal of Recapify is to communication meeting results and actions FAST. As such, we have found that most meetings have a common themes/topics/etc…




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