Why We Created Recapify

We built Recapify to free ourselves and our esteemed peers from the worst part of selling – The Administrative and Data Entry burdens! We wanted to create an APP that enabled REAL Sales Productivity for both the Rep, Manager and Company.

If you prefer to see/hear our Frustration, check out this video HERE

We focused in on area of intense frustration – The Customer | Prospect Meeting. Meetings are typically the funnest part of selling, but that fun can be met very quickly with lots of administrative, data entry and communication burdens such as:

  • Capturing meeting deliverables is painful
  • Forgetting Great Strategies, Tactics and Ideas is Costly
  • Updating the CRM system takes over the sales cycle
  • Bringing new team members up to speed is near impossible
  • Agreeing on accurate next steps can be lost in translation
  • Aggregating your customer contacts with context never happens

These items and then your boss on you to get it done ASAP! Buzzkill when coming from a great meeting!


We designed Recapify to be two minutes in and out. We want to offer Reps real “Sales Productivity.” Two minutes in Recapify buys a Rep the ability to:

  • Communicate via text or email your meeting results to your boss and team
  • Update your CRM system better than you ever have (seriously)
  • Update your personal Notes (Evernote, DropBox, GDocs, Onenote, Box)

Get out of doing Admin work and get back to selling!

Download Recapify By Clicking Here: 

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